School Spirit and Educational Philosophy

School Spirit

Red Cross nursing is based on the following fundamental principles of the Red Cross as conduct guidelines: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality.
It adopts international perspectives to protect people’s lives and respect each person’s dignity and rights.
Red Cross nursing activities address health problems faced by all patients according to their health level, regardless of their nationality, race, creed, or political/social position.
Humanity based on these Red Cross philosophies is the fundamental principle of the school spirit of the Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing.

Educational Philosophy and Mission

The college is charged with the mission of “extensively conveying knowledge as a center for academic activities, deeply teaching and researching specialized arts and sciences, and developing intellectual, moral, and applied competencies (School Education Act ,Article 83), and it develops human resources with the ideas of the Red Cross based on humanity as its school spirit.
Thus, the College nurtures individuals with the ability to adopt autonomous actions and the sensitivity needed for holistic and scientific nursing practice based on the Red Cross philosophies, in addition to humanity and sociability, and it trains nursing professionals, who have basic competencies to perform person-centered nursing activities in public health, medical, welfare, and rescue settings in Japan and other countries, and contribute to the development of nursing education and research.


Educational Vision

To realize these educational philosophies and missions, the College pursues the following educational vision with 6 goals:

Training nursing professionals with competencies to put the Red Cross philosophy of humanity into practice.
Nurturing their competencies to achieve personal maturity and independence, and develop favorable relationships with others.
Nurturing their competencies to accurately judge facts, identify problems, and resolve them with creativity.
Nurturing their competencies to provide nursing services covering the fundamentals of nursing based on scientific/ethical judgment.
Nurturing their competencies to become aware of their social responsibilities, continuously learn throughout life, and work through collaboration with other professionals.
Nurturing their competencies to remain interested in the world at all times, and contribute to international activities through nursing practice.