Greetings from the President

Greetings from the President

Spread your wings and fly toward your dreams.We are here to support you.

Momose Yumiko
Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing


The Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing anchors its founding spirit in "humanity," a core principle of the Red Cross. Guided by this philosophy, we aim to cultivate students who can make level-headed and precise judgments and possess solid technical skills while upholding human dignity and relieving those suffering from illnesses, disabilities, or disasters.

In light of recent advancements in the medical field, including the introduction of AI and robots, the role of nurses has broadened, and the people requiring nursing care have diversified. To address these evolving social demands and needs, we offer a fundamental nursing curriculum designed to develop practical nursing abilities. Moreover, through our master's and doctoral programs, we provide flexible and high-quality environments for students to pursue lifelong learning while advancing their careers in nursing.

Go on learning with a spirit of self-education, and we wholeheartedly support your journey towards your dreams.