Prosperous industry and enriched culture: Toyota City interacting with the world

Toyota City, situated nearly in the center of Aichi Prefecture at a distance of about 30 km from Nagoya to the east, is a scenic, historical, and traditional place surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. With a global automobile manufacturer located there, it is rapidly and markedly developing as a base for the inland industrial area of Aichi Prefecture and as a city interacting with the world to promote industries and cultures.


Toyota Campus

By public transportation


From Subway Nagoya and JR Nagoya Station

Go to “Fushimi” Station by the train bound for Fujigaoka on the Higashiyama Line.
Change to the Tsurumai Line, and go to Miyoshigaoka by the train bound for Toyota.
※About 45 mins (From Nagoya to Miyoshigaoka)


School buses are available from the following 3 places.

Meitetsu Toyota line “Miyoshigaoka”
It takes about 10 mins.
Aichi Loop Railway “Shintoyota”
It takes about 15 mins.

It is 900 meters from the“Shiomicho” busstop of Meitetsu Bus.
(13 mins by Meitetsu bus from “Shintoyota” station of the Aichi Loop Railway or “Toyota” Station of Meitetsu Toyota/Mikawa Line.
50 mins by Meitetsu bus from the “Akaike” station of Nagoya Municipal Subway)


By car

By Tomei Expressway
Information for the Automotive(car) navigation system
Address: 12-33 Nanamagari Hakusancho Toyotashi Aichiken 471-8565
Tel: +81 565-36-5111
Please see the map below when coming from the “Tomei Miyoshi I.C.” or the “Toyota I.C.” of the Tomei Expressway. (5 km, about 10 mins)