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Director’s Greeting

Our graduate school offers not only practical training in nursing but also education theories and research approaches required for nursing studies. We educate our students to be able to view matters from a broad perspective. We try to cultivate and nurture their humanity to become human resources with high-level nursing skills and research abilities.

Satoko Yamada,
Director of Graduate School
of Nursing , Professor

Our graduate school was established based on the fundamental principle of the Red Cross, “humanity”. With that concept in mind, we aim to guide students to become nurses who willingly help those in distress and who have deep knowledge and advanced practical nursing skills which are acquired though their research.

The study of nursing is a practical science. It is crucial to accumulate knowledge though practical activities at clinical, local and educational sites. When you review your medical activities in your career, you might find an area of concern which arouses your interest and motivates you to study further. Such a finding would be the initial step toward entering graduate school. Before starting our graduate school, you may take specific courses of your interest as a credited auditor. We also have a system that allows working students to come and study. Why don’t you take the first step?

It is never easy to study at a graduate school. It is, however, worthwhile to have time to study, away from your work site. You can share experiences, whether they are pleasant or bitter, with classmates and have opportunities for intellectual communication with professors. Such experiences and extensive nursing studies throughout the graduate course will serve as assets for specialists in the future.

We welcome those of you who wish to respect patients as human beings and who are highly motivated to put what you have learned into practice. Let us move forward together toward achieving the goals of our graduate school.