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Greetings from Dean of Nursing Department

Based on the principles of the Red Cross, which are rooted in humanity, we aim to educate nurses who can work in a broad range of activities in the fields of health, medical, and welfare services both in Japan and abroad.


Tomoko Murase,
Dean of Nursing Department

At our college, students pursue nursing studies based on the philosophy of the Red Cross.
If you saw someone suffering in front of you, it would only be natural to reach out a hand to help. This behavior, which all animals have demonstrated since ancient times, is the starting point of nursing care.

The most important aspect of nursing care is to have a genuine interest in the people under your care. This genuine interest leads to compassionate care and it is the fundamental principle of the Red Cross, “humanity”. Under any circumstances, we should wholeheartedly support patients and protect their lives and health while assuring that they retain their human dignity. We endure various kinds of stress every day, but we have a natural healing power, with which we overcome stress, sickness, and obstacles. In nursing care, to allow such natural healing power and stress resistance to fully function, we need to interact with the patients and take care of their living environments and lifestyle. This is the basis of nursing care.

The purpose of studying nursing at college is to acquire the power of observation required to understand phenomena scientifically and to gain the knowledge and skills required in nursing care. By engaging actively in learning, fundamental research abilities will develop and that will allow students to creatively construct their future.

During your college career, please do not be afraid of making mistakes and taking on a variety of challenges.

Our college is located in a beautiful natural environment, and has excellent practical training facilities, including Red Cross-affiliated hospitals.

To make your student life valuable, let us learn together.