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Momomi Hattori, Junior

Child who has leukemia and cannot get out of a hospital room

 During onsite practical training, I was assigned to a five-year-old child who has leukemia. When I took care of the child, she looked fine completing series of treatment. However, she still had a risk of infection due to the side effect of the treatment. So, she could not go out from a hospital room. One day, we were making Origami together. When I tried to help her make Origami, she became grouchy and stopped making. I could see that she really wanted to complete Origami by herself. So, I started thinking how I could let her work independently to complete a work.

Origami that the child completed by herself

 I came up with an idea to let her make Origami that she likes little by little for her to complete a work by the end of my practical training period. Teachers advised me to interact with the child in the way that she can learn. So, for her to feel the sense of accomplishment, I put numbers in the order of folding and marked lines to indicate where to fold, and she enjoyed making Origami every day, and successfully finished the work. At the last date of my training, she said, “I had fun.” Her family was also pleased with the work, and I felt very happy. Through the practical training, I learned the importance of supporting a patient considering his/her personality and life. It is the best to see the smile of the patient.

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Sakiko Hayashi, Freshman

 While I was learning basic subjects, I could feel that I was one step closer to a nurse when I was taking Basic nursing skill III. The class taught me supporting technique including body cleaning skill, which is required for a nurse. During the class, I also learned how to provide support considering the status of patients and evaluate the support. It was tough but rewarding. I remember that my friend and I worked hard for this class practicing whenever we had time. In the summer, I could participate in volunteer work that I had wanted to do for a long time. I will utilize what I felt and thought at the venue in the future.

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Shintaro Suzuki, Sophomore

 I was assigned my first patient during the class, Basic nursing study practical training II During the practical training, I kept feeling how green I was. Receiving teachers’ help and improving my skills working with my friends, I could feel that I started acquiring the knowledge and technique of a nurse. In addition, I could improve communication skill through the interaction with patients, their family and people at a hospital. To utilize this experience as much as I can, I would like to review and learn more, and prepare for onsite practical training of Junior year.

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Ayana Kitagawa, Senior (After graduation, she will work at Ise Red Cross Hospital.)

 I am glad to choose this college because I was certified as the Red Cross relief method aid staff. Immediately after I received the certificate, I actually encountered the situation that required the first-aid treatment. In the beginning, I was scared. However, remembering the pride as a student of the Red Cross College of Nursing and the experience of the practical training of the first-aid, I managed to provide the best treatment that I could do at that moment. Once I start working at a hospital, I would like to gain more experience at surgery department to be able to see patient’s condition of the whole body. In addition, I would like to become a nurse who can provide proper treatment even when the condition of patients suddenly changes.

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