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Students learn the spirit of the Red Cross and practical skills utilizing advanced equipment and facilities.

Nursing study practical training room

The college has a nursing study practical training room for each subject of basic, psychiatric, community health, adult/geriatric, maternity and pediatric nursing studies. In the adult/geriatric nursing study practical training room, students can conduct suction and oxygen inhalation using the central piping system. In addition, ICU beds are installed. Various biological simulator and measurement equipment are also available.
Basic nursing study practical training room
Maternity nursing study practical training room
Adult nursing study practical training room
Community health nursing study practical training room
Community health nursing study practical training room

Learning support facility

The library has 121 seats and can have up to 72,000 books. It also has archives that gathered the information on the Japanese Red Cross Society with over 130 years of history. The auditorium, of which capacity is 584 audiences, is used for ceremonies such as entrance ceremony as well as lectures by invited guest speakers.

Various classrooms

There are nine lecture rooms, 17 seminar rooms, laboratory, data process room and language laboratory. Data process room and language laboratory are open to students for self-learning when they are not used for classes. Students utilize the facilities for information gathering using the Internet and writing a report.
Data process room
Lecture room (Large)

Base for the communication in the community

Red Cross Permanent Exhibition Room exhibits the first edition of “A Memory of Solferino” written by the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant as well as materials related to the Japanese Red Cross Society. At Health Promotion Center, people in the community can learn about health maintenance.
Red Cross Permanent Exhibition Room
Health Promotion Center


The gym has an arena where two volleyball courts can be set up and changing rooms with shower rooms. In addition, to utilize as a first-aid station at the time of large-scale disaster, it has oxygen inhalation devices and a storage for disaster relief items. There are also outdoor tennis courts.
Disaster relief item storage
Tennis court

Student life support facility

Educational section