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Voice of Graduates: Jobs and continuous study

Message from graduates

I would like to provide care that supports the future of both patients and their families.

Yuzuki Hayashi,

Yuzuki Hayashi, Graduated in the fiscal year 2011, working at Japanese Red Cross Nagoya Daiichi Hospital (nurse)

 Currently, I am working at the intensive care unit (ICU), which looks after patients who had major surgeries such as heart surgery and those whose condition changed suddenly. Although I feel tension, fear and responsibility for my action that could affect the life of patients, I feel joy and the sense of accomplishment when they recover supported by the care that I provided. At the practical training of the college, I looked after a patient who has terminal cancer. At that time, I saw the gap between the patient and his family. While his family wanted him to receive any treatment hoping that it would save him, the patient accepted the treatment to satisfy his family. Based on the experience, I always pay attention to what patients and their families are thinking, and provide care for their better future.

Providing nursing care while considering the uniqueness of patients… this is the attitude that I am trying to have every day.

Yuka Horino

Yuka Horino, Graduated in the fiscal year 2012, working at Japanese Red Cross Nagoya Daini Hospital (nurse)

 I am assigned to a hospital ward that patients who need intensive care stay. I look after all ages of patients including newborn babies and adults, and the diseases that they have are also varied. I am trying to accommodate myself to circumstances cooperating with various specialists when I provide care to patients whose condition changes every minute. Most of the patients are unconscious, and some are facing the danger of their lives. So, it is essential to care about their families. While spending every day in such environment, I feel happy when I see patients’ recovering process and the families who are pleased to see the recovery of their loved one. What I learned at the College was the importance of nursing care that pays attention to the uniqueness of patient. I still keep the learning in my mind and provide care every day.

As one of operating room staff who can provide quality medical services

Shinichiro Sumida

Shinichiro Sumida, Graduated in the fiscal year 2010, working at Kariya Toyota General Hospital (nurse)

 I am stationed at an operating room. My main assignment is to hand devices to doctors and provide patients and family with care. Operating room nurses are required to have special knowledge and skills. We can improve our skills by acquiring them. I am motivated whenever I see that many experts gather their specialties so that they can provide safe and high-quality medical services. When I was at the College, I learned to have the attitude to see a patient from various angles. Thanks to the Red Cross activity and disaster nursing seminars, when the condition of patient suddenly changed, I managed to get to the patient at the earliest and provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A nurse is an occupation with limitless possibilities. This is how I feel after working as a nurse for four years.

Main employers and school

Main employers

* This is the list of the actual record of employers of students who graduated in March 2015.

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