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Toyota City with active industries and rich culture, which is open to the world

Toyota is a scenic city surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers with a long history and tradition. It is located at almost the middle of Aichi Prefecture, about 30km east from Nagoya City. It is the nest of a world-famous car manufacturer, and rapidly developing as the base of the inland industrial area of Aichi Prefecture. It is also known as a city where industries and cultures gather.

Toyota Campus
Satellite campus
School bus

For public transportation users

From Nagoya Station to the College [Tokyai area train map]

When you use Nagoya Municipal Subway or Nagoya Railroad Toyota Line, please use a train map below.
The nearest Station to the College is Miyoshigaoka Station of Nagoya Railroad Toyota Line.

From Nagoya Station to the College [Tokyai area train map]

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From Nagoya Station of all lines including Nagoya Municipal Subway

Higashiyama Line (To Fujigaoka) ⇒ At Fushimi Station, change to Tsurumai Line
Tsurumai Line (To Akaike/Toyota City)⇒At Akaike Station, change to Nagoya Railroad Toyota Line⇒Miyoshigaoka Station
* It takes about 35 minutes from Nagoya Station to Akaike Station.
It takes about 45 minutes from Nagoya Station to Miyoshigaoka Station.

School bus stops at the following three venues to the College.

Nagoya Municipal Subway Akaike Station
From Akaike Station, it takes about 30 minutes by school bus.
Nagoya Railroad Toyota Line Miyoshigaoka Station
From Miyoshigaoka Station, it takes about 10 minutes by school bus.
Aichi Loop Line Shin-toyota Station
From Shin-toyota Station, it takes about 15 minutes by school bus.

Please confirm the location of bus stop for each station from here.(Japanese version only)

900m from Meitetsu Bus Shiomicho Bus Stop
(From Nagoya Railway Toyota/Mikawa Line Toyotashi Station and Aichi Loop Line Shin-toyota Station, 9 minutes by Meitetsu Bus. From Nagoya Municipal Subway Akaike Station, 27 minutes by Meitetsu Bus
Click here for Meitetsu Bus timetable


For drivers

From Tomei Expressway

To use car navigation, please enter our address, 12-33, Nanamagari, Hakusancho, Toyota, Aichi 471-8565 Japan, or phone number, 0565-36-5111.
The map from Tomei Miyoshi Interchange (IC) and Toyota IC is shown below.

From Tomei Expressway Miyoshi Interchange and Toyota Interchange, it is about 5km and takes about 10 minutes by car.

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Satellite campus

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Our satellite campus is located at the second floor of Aichi Prefecture Shirokabechosha.

10 minutes walk from Subway Meijo Line Shiyakusho Station No.2 Exit
5 minutes walk from Nagoya Railroad Seto Line Higashiote
3 minutes walk from Shimizuguchi Bus Stop